“UNIGLOBE Quality Manager is your robotic, “super-agent” that works 24/7 for lower fares, better seat assignments, waitlist clearance and offers seamless quality control checks on all reservations made”
Seat Finder

Tired of getting a window seat when you prefer an aisle? When you book with us, using our technology we book you the best possible seat on the airplane according to your travel preference. We continue to look for your preferred seating up until departure time, and we will automatically move you to that seat the second it becomes available as well as alert you to any change.

Waitlist Clearance

Finding yourself on a waitlist for a sold out flight can be troublesome, especially with your busy schedule. We will automatically and continuously check 24/7 airline waitlists to ensure you’re first in line should a seat become available, and we’ll advise you instantly.

Continuous Fare Search

Because we continuously check airline inventory, we’re also checking changes in fares. If there is a better fare out there that meets your trip requirements, we’ll book it for you automatically, ensuring you are getting the very best fare there is. Often in the middle of the night, airlines load lower fares for flights that are not selling as well and because our robotic “super-agent” never sleeps, we’re there to book that lower fare before anyone else does. It also searches for fare decreases after ticketing until the day of departure. Guaranteeing the lowest possible fare.

Quality Control

After your reservation is made with us, we send your reservation through a multi-point quality control checklist to ensure accuracy, travel policy adherence and accurate reporting; it also ensures all applicable loyalty programs and frequent flyer numbers are applied to the booking.

You never have to worry about any travel arrangements going out incorrect.