“The only tool you will need to effectively manage your travel expenses, gain better control and insight over your company’s travel spending by using UNIGLOBE Reporter”
Strategic management of your travel program can bring the savings right to your company’s bottom line. Having the right reports on which to base decisions is crucial. UNIGLOBE Reporter is a web-based travel data consolidation and reporting tool, that gives you up-to-the-minute access to all your company’s travel information online, anywhere, anytime! UNIGLOBE Reporter empowers you to better manage your travel budgets by monitoring policy and contracts, reconciling travel spending and analyzing results. You have access to your own data through a secure ID and password, accessible from anywhere via the Internet. While there are many reports that are standard, you also have the ability to order customized reports according to your specific needs. You can create these reports or we can do it for you and email them to you when you want and in the format you need them in. By using these reports, together we can create a well-defined travel policy, which could reduce your annual travel expenditures by up to 20%. With UNIGLOBE Reporter you can:
  • Capture, standardize and store travel information from multiple sources for a single, consolidated view of all travel expenditures incurred worldwide.
  • Run more than 120 standard reports including graph, overview and detail reports and create an unlimited number of custom reports that provide you with real-time travel spending details.
  • Identify the location of any traveller at any given time (Crisis Management Reporting).
  • Aggressively manage supplier contracts.
  • Easily comply with travel and procurement policies.
  • Schedule the production and email delivery of reports, and grant direct system access to those who need the information (e.g., meeting planners, department heads and security personnel).
  • Easily calculate CO2 emissions based on trip details.