We understand corporate travel

UNIGLOBE Complete Quality Manager offers round-the-clock ticketing and accurate itineraries for all self-booked travel using our online tools. Our advanced technology also ensures that travelers can access the most up-to-date itinerary information via their preferred method of e-mail, phone or fax.

Our proprietary software conducts more than 100 quality control tests to check file accuracy and completeness. From frequent flyer and hotel frequent-stay credits to special invoice codes and accounting references, every detail is checked so your expenditures and travel are error-free.

  • Webfares
  • International and consolidator fares
  • Travel policy creation
  • E-ticket tracking
  • Complex itinerary development
  • Reporting
  • OPC Protection ( in case of bankruptcy from suppliers )

For more information on how our experienced team can help you manage your business travel needs, please contact us at 514-397-9221contact@unigloblexus.com

UNIGLOBE Voyages Lexus is your travel advocate and will always ensure that arrangements are made with your business needs in mind. We are ready to offer your business the smartest solution.

UNIGLOBE Voyages Lexus has a travel team with extensive experience in sourcing and booking corporate travel requirements for a diverse range of organizations across the globe. Contact us to manage your corporate travel needs and deliver the value and results that your company’s bottom line demands.

Managing Corporate Travel

UNIGLOBE Voyages Lexus offers personalized service, negotiated contracted travel discounts, a strong commitment to quality assurance and leading edge technology. This allows us to deliver a highly competitive, above average final product.

Establishing Travel Policy to Reduce Costs

A carefully written and well–enforced policy is the backbone of any travel management program. UNIGLOBE Voyages Lexus has the experience and expertise to help you develop a new, or review and enhance your existing travel policy. By establishing explicit guidelines authorizing how the company’s travel dollars are to be spent, management can prevent costly misunderstandings.

Experts in delivering tailored event solutions

At UNIGLOBE Voyages Lexus Event Solutions, our experienced corporate events team are here to support you and provide solutions every step of the way: from concept to completion.

Our services range from assistance with selective components such as registration, accommodation, creative and theme design or other special requirements through to comprehensive conference and event management.

Thanks to our combined expertise in events management, travel and logistics, and innovative technology, your events will enjoy the success your company deserves.