“Introducing another great tool from the travel management experts at UNIGLOBE Travel – UNIGLOBE Credit Tracking.”

With the advent of e-ticketing and the growing availability of highly competitive one way fares on-line, most corporations are finding it increasingly challenging to identify, track and maximize the use of unused ticket credits. With no formal record of credits created or used, corporations are finding that they have no reliable internal process nor in many cases does their travel service provider offer to assist. Even when the travel supplier does offer to get involved their own internal process is often based on manual intervention and the memory of an assigned agent.

With these challenges in mind and given the fact that corporations can easily experience up to 20% lost ticket value of their total travel spend based on the expiry of unused credits, UNIGLOBE Travel has developed an industry leading solution – UNIGLOBE Credit Tracking.

What is UNIGLOBE Credit Tracking?

This innovative solution relies on database technology to remove the typical manual intervention of an agency to create the record of a credit. Then when an applicable reservation is requested the system creates an automated prompt for your UNIGLOBE Counsellor to redeem the credit.

The information captured by UNIGLOBE Credit Tracking includes all outstanding credits, all used credits and their expiry dates. This data is housed in a web-based environment that can also be accessed by the client via an assigned SECURE login.

How will this help reduce the risk of credit expiry?

Anyone assigned a login can dynamically create reports of credits nearing their expiry date.
Reminder reports can be scheduled automatically and emailed on a regular basis or, can be viewed directly on the website. You set the parameters on how far in advance of the expiry date you wish to know, and the software will do the rest!

Do I now have to remind my UNIGLOBE agency to use credits?

No! Your UNIGLOBE Counsellor will be more equipped than ever to utilize credits in the most efficient manner possible. Your Counsellor will be notified automatically that a credit is available for use.

We have so many credits. Is there a fast way to view ONLY the credits I want?

Yes! UNIGLOBE Credit Tracking has been programmed to instantaneously search for credits based on the name, airline expiry date, ticket number, and/or company department. You can define how broadly or narrowly you wish to search.

I need to be able to see which credits we’ve used. I need these for reconciliation at the end of the year. Can this tool provide that?

Absolutely! Credits that have been used are housed on an alternate web page to ensure accuracy. You can simply choose the “Fully Used Credits” link. The credits are held in reserve one year after the re-issue date.