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For Internet-savvy travelers that prefer to make travel reservations themselves, access to a reliable online booking tool is a necessity.

While our dedicated counselors may be the optimal choice for booking complex international trips, we understand that some individuals have a preference for arranging simpler, point-to-point travel themselves.

If you are interested in obtaining an online booking tool solution, please contact your account manager or email contact@uniglobelexus.com

Save Time & Money with UNIGLOBE Online Reservations.

UNIGLOBE Online Reservations removes the complexities from making travel arrangements, allowing your employees to concentrate on what matters most - your business. When your employees use UNIGLOBE Online Reservations, they can easily plan, book and purchase complete travel itineraries on one easy-to-use web site.

UNIGLOBE Online Reservations is powered by the biggest providers in corporate booking solutions. Both large and small corporations currently book up to 4 million reservations per year on these self service tools.

Key Features of UNIGLOBE Online Reservations:

  • A lower service fee, we pass our labour savings directly onto you.
  • All airfares in one place – access not just travel agency private fares, but also web sites like Aircanada.com, Expedia.com and Westjet.com, all simultaneously, ensuring the lowest possible fare.
  • Full integration of Air Canada Flight Passes.
  • The ability to book and obtain information online 24x7
  • Ability to provide travel preferences, frequent flyer numbers and have UNIGLOBE Online remember all your needs without having to re-enter that information with each booking. Travellers can easily manage their own profile on-line or we can manage it for you.
  • Past Trip Template – allows you to quickly and easily book a previous trip
  • Flexible display - can display by price, schedule, carrier and even by fare category i.e. Tango, Latitude, etc.
  • Interactive Seat Maps – choose the seat that’s right for you, where applicable.
  • Real-time availability for more than 30,000 worldwide hotels at the best price, with Dynamic Mapping – locate hotels by proximity to city centre, airport, office location or attraction. Best of all the rates are not prepaid.
  • Access to a Senior Corporate Travel Consultant in case of problems, questions, more complicated bookings or special requests related to the booking. It’s the best of both worlds.
  • Ability to provide your company with reports that include ALL travel booked, whether online or through one of our Travel Consultants.